Spreads Cafe Deli, London.  
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Scotch eggs
Sandwich platter

Buffet Food Suggested Menus

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Menu 1
Assorted Sandwiches
Cocktail Sausages
Chicken Nuggets
Cheese & Pineapple Sticks
Pork Pies & Scotch Eggs or Pizza Portions
Assorted Pickles & Crisps

Menu 2
Assorted Bridge Rolls
Portions of Quiche
Cocktail Sausages
Vol au Vents
Scotch Egg
Reception Pastries
Orange Juice

Menu 3
Assorted Bagels
Chicken Drumsticks
Assorted Canapés
Cheese & Pineapple Sticks
Goujon of Sole with Tartare Sauce
Pork Pies
Fresh Fruit Salad

Menu 4
Crab Claws & Dips
Deep Fried Breaded Mushrooms
Chicken Drumsticks
Samosas or Quiche
Cocktail Sausages
Butterfly Prawns
Pizza Portions
Fresh Fruit or Cheese & Biscuits

Menu 5
Crudités & Dips
Cheese & Fruit Sticks
Selection of Fresh Meat (Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham & Smoked Salmon)
A Variety of Salads
A Dessert of your choice

Sandwich platter set-menus

Cappuccino and latte - Spreads Cafe coffee
Sandwich platter - Spreads Cafe menus
Spreads cafe logo - sandwich bag